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Welcome to Lincolnshire SCP Policy and Procedures Manual

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Brook have updated their Traffic Light System Screening Tool which is used to identify and respond to sexual behaviours demonstrated by children and young people. They have advised us that all previous versions of the tool are no longer endorsed. Practitioners are only able to use the most up to date screening tool once they have completed the supporting training that is provided by Brook. To that end LSCP have to recommend to partners that previous versions of the tool are no longer used and to continue to do so could leave practitioners and partners in a vulnerable position. As a result, the following chapters/policies are under review:

Following consultation with children and young people, Children's Services in Lincolnshire will refer to Looked After Children as Children in Care. Due to the language used in statutory guidance and legislation, the LSCP Policy and Procedure Manual will continue to use the terminology "Looked After Child".


Please see 'Quick Guide' and 'Values'. You can access these by using the buttons on the left hand side of the screen.

The content of each chapter is partly based on the former version of the manual and it has been reviewed and edited by the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Partnership agency representatives.


Please read the Quick Guide which outlines the key amendments to the manual. Access the Quick Guide from the left hand side of the screen.

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