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2.3 LSCP Governance and Operational Arrangements (Accountability)

The LSCP will function as an alliance of key agencies with duties and membership underpinned by legislation and statutory guidance. Within this arrangement the Partnership will have limited legal status. As a result of this limited legal status, the Board will need to identify a partner agency that will fulfil an administrative and financial role on behalf of the Board. This role is referred to as the Accountable Body

Lincolnshire County Council will act as the Accountable Body for the Board and will provide the following functions:

  • Provide administrative, human resource management and financial support to the Board
  • Ensure that funds are spent according to the plan agreed by the Board
  • Ensure that systems for monitoring performance and audit are in place and are effectively maintained

The Accountable Body does not have decision making power other than as one member of the Board. The Accountable Body's functions including use of standing order and standing financial instructions should be determined by the Board. This means that decisions about management structures, allocation of funding, development priorities etc rest with the Board.

The Board will report its Business Plan to the Lincolnshire Assembly to improve and support co-ordinated activity.

Scrutiny arrangements

Scrutiny arrangements are essential due to the unique independent role of the LSCP. The LSCP Scrutiny Sub-Group meets bi- monthly to scrutinise the work of the LSCP. The Scrutiny Sub-Group supports the Lead Member for Children's Services to fulfil the statutory requirement of the role in relation to safeguarding.

The Scrutiny Sub-Group will provide an annual report to the Council's Executive and the LSCP Annual Report will contain a statement from the Scrutiny Sub-Group. (Appendix 1)

Performance Management and Base Line Date

LSCP will use a number of interagency performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of its work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in Lincolnshire. Wherever possible agencies will be asked to share data that is already collected rather than collect any new data set. This is due to the fact that data collection is time consuming and expensive.

To start with, data will be described for the whole county. Wherever possible, over time, data will be broken down into district council boundaries.


The Constitution will be reviewed on an annual basis.