Action Rationale Who is responsible By when How will we know
Increase TACS as proxy for management of neglect When TACs are requested the factors causing the TAC to start are not measured All front line staff 31st March 2016 TAC numbers will increase
Explore how we can understand if TACs are dealing with neglect by looking at identifying and measuring TACs If reasons for TACs being held are not known it is not possible to establish if neglect is being worked with Local Authority (Paula Whitehead) through implementation of new electronic recording system MOSAIC 30th September 2016 TAC factors will be identifiable
Audit TACs TAC work is to be audited and will be able also to identify factors for TAC, including neglect Jade Sullivan LSCP 30th June 2015 Audit completed and findings shared
Embed "Keep it Going" family plan through training After work with a family to sustain improvements and to know how and when to ask for support is needed LSCP – training and all agency awareness raising 31st March 2016 Keep it Going plans are embedded in practice
Present strategy at Lincolnshire Adult Safeguarding Partnership Working with neglect of children involves working with adults and their difficulties Andy Morris LSCP 30th September 2015 LSAB ratifies strategy
Review training to ensure staff from all agencies are aware of neglect There is always an ongoing training need LSCP Training Officer 31st March 2015 Awareness of and response to neglect is consistent